Obama administration officials threatened whistle-blowers on Benghazi, lawyer says | Fox News.


Pro-Life Kid Asks Obama About Abortion – YouTube.

“Inhuman” project coverage by ABC7 – YouTube.

Virginia AG: Planned Parenthood Has an Open Willingness to Participate in human Trafficking – YouTube.

Planned Parenthood Employee Fired After Hiding Sex Abuse of 13yo Girl. Bloomington, IN – YouTube.

Sex-Selection in America: Part 1 – Undercover in Texas – YouTube.

Sex-Selection in America: Part 2 – Undercover in NYC – YouTube.

Sex-Selection in America: Part 3 – Undercover in Arizona – YouTube.

[UNDERCOVER] Part 4, Sex-Selection in America – YouTube.

Part 5: North Carolina abortion clinics facilitate the killing of a girl, just because she’s a girl. – YouTube.

Inhuman: Undercover in America’s Late-Term Abortion Industry – NEW YORK – YouTube.

Californians sign petition to inject children with mercury, implement Orwellian police state modeled after Nazi Germany | Pakalert Press.

It’s Not About Guns: Gun Control Is People Control | Pakalert Press.

Google Initiates Global Censorship Policy – |

Bible Prophecy Blog: Unmasking President Obama’s Euphemisms to Planned Parenthood.

Is GPS Technology Now a Threat to National Security? | Pakalert Press.

‘Obama hates Internet news media’.

President Obama Zings CNN, MSNBC During Correspondents’ Speech — Watch the Whole Thing Here | Video |

GOP Rep. Promises ‘Explosive’ Benghazi Hearings Are Coming | Video |

Obama lashes out at new anti-abortion laws.

Bill Maher: This country is becoming a police state.

GOP Rep.: Explosive Benghazi hearings coming.

Obama: I’m not the young Muslim Socialist I used to be.

Double Standards In DC..

MSNBC Pundit: Democrats Lost On The Sequester.

Insult To Injury: Bombing Suspects Were On Welfare.

Democrats Found Guilty In Obama Ballot Petition-Forging Scandal.

Video: Robert Spencer on why jihadis are so often on welfare – Jihad Watch.

Manatee deaths at Indian River Lagoon: Questions abound in mysterious deaths of manatees, pelicans.

CBN TV – Video On Demand.

The Brody File: Gay Marriage, Immigration Reform and Obamacare – April 25, 2013.

AFP’s Phillips: Internet Tax Plan ‘a Nightmare’.

Child Sex Trafficking | Live Action.

Sex-Selection in America: Part 1 – Undercover in Texas – YouTube.

Inhuman: Undercover in America’s Late-Term Abortion Industry.

The strange dedication of the George W. Bush Presidential Center and the day after.

solemn commemoration of the 98th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.

Stop the Torture of Christians in Saudi Arabia – YouTube.

Tanzania: Islamic Persecutors Target Christian Pastors – World – CBN News – Christian News 24-7 –

A Miraculous ‘Ordinary’ Movie Points to a Mighty God – World – CBN News – Christian News 24-7 –

Ireland Abortion Restrictions Under Fire – World – CBN News – Christian News 24-7 –

FBI informant: Taliban already in U.S..

Congressman: ‘Five Jihadists Have Reached Their Targets in USA Under Obama’… | Tea Party.

Video: SWAT police gunpoint raids in Boston Were Conducted “House After House” | Pakalert Press.

New bird flu strain called ‘one of most lethal’ viruses baffles scientists | Fox News.

MEMRI: Lebanese Singer-Turned-Islamist Fadl Shaker Recruits Money and Volunteers on Facebook to Fight against Hizbullah and Pro-Assad Forces in Syria.

HOLDER: Citizenship for illegals a ‘civil right’… | Tea Party.

Democrat Caught On Tape Using Racial Slur!.

FAA Furloughs: Senate Reaches Deal To Stop Slowdown.

Sherrod Brown: Obama Is ‘Wrong’ On Banks Too Big To Fail.

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