Obama administration officials threatened whistle-blowers on Benghazi, lawyer says | Fox News.


Pentagon Confirms May Court Martial Soldiers Who Share Christian Faith.

Obama cleanses Day of Prayer of Christianity.

Oregon Teachers Traumatized by Unannounced Shooter Drill.


IT’S STARTING: Obamacare’s Tax Hike Train Wreck… | Tea Party.

Obama’s $2.5M Hotel and ‘Vehicle Rental’ Tab on Last Mexico Trip… | Tea Party.

Video: Collecting Rainwater Now Illegal in Many States | Pakalert Press.

Forget Scientology: Introducing the Satanic Sex Cult Even More Sinister ‘Religion’ Celebs are now falling for | Pakalert Press.

Depopulation Agenda | Pakalert Press.

Sex ‘Superbug’ Worse Than AIDS Can Kill In Days | Pakalert Press.

China Orders Troops and Tanks to North Korean Border | Pakalert Press.

FDA to Let 15 Year-Old Girls Buy Morning-After Pill Over the Counter.

Dish Network Cites Chinese Influence in Objection to Telecom Merger.

Pentagon Taps Anti-Christian Extremist for Religious Tolerance Policy.

Obama Turns America’s Retirement Dreams into Nightmares | Pakalert Press.

How did Barack Obama become Monsanto’s man in Washington? | Pakalert Press.

Genetically Engineered Food | Pakalert Press.

Police stake out hydroponics shops, harass customers who grow their own food | Pakalert Press.

Mother of Bomb Suspects: “It’s All Lies” | Pakalert Press.

Judge Tells FBI They Can’t Use Webcams To Spy on People | Pakalert Press.

State Police & Homeland Security to Target Christians – |

Colo. undersheriff warns: State police, Homeland Security to target Christians – National Policy & Issues |

American Citizen to Stand Trial in North Korea – |

Scientists come to terms with the lack of global warming | The Daily Caller.

Obama, Holder abandoned 2010 push to reform terrorist questioning | The Daily Caller.

EPA study cites report from admitted data fakers | The Daily Caller.

Obama, Holder abandoned 2010 push to reform terrorist questioning | The Daily Caller.

Former members of Congress hold hearings on extraterrestrials | The Daily Caller.

Bad moon over America.

Taxpayer-funded assistance paid for terrorists-in-training.

National Security at Risk with Left at Helm.

The Era in which the World Becomes a Cheap Act.

Egyptian Magazine: Muslim Brotherhood Infiltrates Obama Administration :: The Investigative Project on Terrorism.

Muted Response to Hamas Jihad Program for School Kids :: The Investigative Project on Terrorism.

Gang of Eight loopholes put many illegal aliens on fast track to citizenship | Tea Party.

BIDEN: Gun Contol ‘will pass before the year is out’… | Tea Party.

Feds caught promoting welfare to illegal aliens | Tea Party.

Incredible! NYT pushing toxic cancer drugs for healthy women who have no cancer.

HHS spending millions in taxpayer money to run Obamacare PR campaign.

Obama administration openly pushing food stamps to illegals; no citizenship required, no income status checked.

FBI Created 17 False Flag Terrorist Attacks | Pakalert Press.

Tsarnaevs’ mother ‘on terror watch list’, accuses police of murdering son — RT USA.

Female sports blogger who called NBA cheerleader ‘too chunky’ to perform comes under fire for ‘hateful attack’ | Mail Online.

Obama: ‘Rush Limbaugh Warned You About This’.

Americans fear government more than terror.

Officials found guilty in Obama, Clinton ballot petition fraud.

New “conservative” lobbying push for gay marriage.

An Open Letter To The U.S. Secret Service.

Double Standards In DC..

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