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Your tax dollars!

If you are not following the British press on the Boston Bombers, you might not be getting the full flavor of the Tsarnaev’s scams on you (the American taxpayer) in addition to learning more details about their murderous rampage in the name of Islam.  The Boston Heraldhas the story here.  But, here the UK Daily Mailhas it laid out in a more interesting format.  Read the very thorough accounting of what the Tsarnaevs milked the US and the State of Massachusetts for!  Hat tip: Don Irvine on twitter.

I’m so sorry for the victims of the Tsarnaev terrorists, but honestly this horror has finally focused the public’s attention on our out-of-control system for asylum seekers.  Help make sure this program is reformed and get it (refugee and asylum sections) dumped from the Gang of Eight’s “comprehensive reform” bill now before the US Senate.  The…

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