Creeping Sharia

via KUNA : Kerry calls for dialogue with “moderate Islam”

BRUSSELS, April 22 (KUNA) — US Secretary of State John Kerry Monday called on the West to talk to “moderate Islam ” and underlined that the majority of Muslims are moderate.

“We hve to speak to moderate Islam and find ways to get moderate Islam to fight and stand up for real basis of their religion rather than allowing it to be hijacked by people who completely misinterpret and misapply it and diminsh the voice of moderation that is there. The vast majority are moderate,” Kerry told a group of trainees of the European Commission in Brussels this afternoon.

“King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, Prince Ghazi of Jordan and and King Abdullah of Jordan have engaged in this type of interfaith initiative and I believe that we need to do more of that to push back against radicalisation,” he stressed.

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